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What you need to know about this pepper. We grew it out last year from a plant we bought and the label read Jamaican hot chocolate. Obviously, it does not resemble that at all.  The image of peppers in the hand is the original peppers that grew from the original plant. Because we thought these peppers were absolutely amazing we wanted to save seeds but also preserve the plant just in case the seeds didn't turn out. So we overwintered it. This plant, now in its second season produced slightly smaller peppers. We don't exactly know why. We can only guess because the entire plant was slightly stunted this year. But we like to reduce risk as best we can so we grew two more plants from seeds we saved. On the upside, we had a chocolate variant appear from one of the plants. The seeds available are titled SC-002. The second plant didn't grow so well in the garden, but we managed to get a few peppers with the same phenotype as the original peppers we were looking for. Unfortunately, these seeds are not from that plant. If you would like to grow this variety out for fun it is of course please do so at your own risk. We do still have seeds from the original peppers we will be attempting again. As well as isolating that plant and many more varieties next season.

Scoville Approx: 1,000,000+ SHU

  • Pack contains a minimum 10 seeds (Non-isolated)


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